‘Soviet Ghosts’ is a personal experimental work, I intended to express the beauty hidden in the broken and decayed.

This work is inspired by British photographer Rebecca Litchfield's collection of photographs of the same name < Soviet Ghosts >, (published in 2013, she sensitively and beautifully records many abandoned locations within 13 countries which were once part of the Soviet Union or occupied territories). I also referenced a large number of images of the remains of the former Soviet Union from the internet.

During the creative process I tried to construct and restore the strong sense of realistic representation that was vivid in the photography. At the same time I reorganize the subject and scene and integrate this with my own creativity and understanding in light and shadow and composition. Trying to find a balance point that satisfies myself between hyper-realism and artistic stylization is also a challenge.

The content (including text, geographical names and coordinates) presented in this work are all creative endeavours and not accurcy and do not represent any political positions.